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I am currently a 3rd year Ph.D. student under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Iizuka and Prof. Kazuhiro Fukui at the Computer Vision Lab, University of Tsukuba. My research interests are in computer vision, graphichs, image processing, and machine learning.


[Oct. 2023] A first-authored paper on image-based decay has been accepted IEEE Access.
[Sep. 2023] I received the "Polyphony Digital Company Award" at Visual Computing (VC2023).
[Aug. 2023] A first-authored paper on texture synthesis has been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Conference Track.
[June 2023] A co-authored paper on coffee leaf disease severity estimation has been accepted to MVA 2023 as a poster.
[July 2020] Our work on image harmonization was accepted to The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC2020).


Natural Image Decay with a Decay Effects Generator
Guoqing Hao, Satoshi Iizuka, Kensho Hara, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Kazuhiro Fukui
IEEE Access, 2023.
Diffusion-based Texture Rectification and Synthesis
Guoqing Hao, Satoshi Iizuka, Kensho Hara, Edgar Simo-Serra, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Kazuhiro Fukui
In SIGGRAPH Asia, 2023.
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Low-Level Feature Aggregation Networks for Disease Severity Estimation of Coffee Leaves
Takuhiro Okada, Yuantian Huang, Guoqing Hao, Satoshi Iizuka, Kazuhiro Fukui
In IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision Applications (MVA), 2023.
Image Harmonization with Attention-based Deep Feature Modulation
Guoqing Hao, Satoshi Iizuka, Kazuhiro Fukui
In BMVC, 2020.
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[Sep. 2023] "ポリフォニー・デジタル 企業賞" at Visual Computing ([VC2023).
[Oct. 2021 - Mar. 2024] Support for Pioneering Research Initiated by the Next Generation (SPRING).
[Jan. 2017 - Apr. 2017] JASSO Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan (80,000 JPY/month).
[2017] Overseas Study Scholarships Supported by Beijing Higher Education Institutions, Type A (20,000 CNY).